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Did you as a young kid ever believe you were something else than a human ? XD If so any of these ? 

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69 deviants said Free Icon: Cat in the Teacup by Imouto-ThiFeline
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For adoptable ! 
Animated Pixel
-Available animations : Tail wag, Eye blink, bounce, glow effect,...
-Either request which animations you want or type "All in", this stands for: Tail wag, bounce, eye blink.
-Sleeping wolf only comes with the breathing animation and the ear twitch.
-more examples :…
-Extra animations cost more!

-Extremely detailed pixels cost 800 points, and Big pixels cost 1000 points.

Pet store rant

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 26, 2018, 1:25 PM

Sp i'm not the type to rant over personal things buuuuuut when it comes to things like pet stores i'm def the type to complain xD .... Now it's probably not new that pet stores tend to be not the best.... To a point it's quite frustrating.

So a little while ago we had a disaster happen to our fish tank, sadly because both me and my mom were sick ( yay for hospital visits), my mother asked my brother to use the tank vacuum er to clean the Terrarium. Now next day 7 fish are suddenly dead. We were completely confused, we asked my brother what he did but he claimed not to have done anything wrong ... leaving me to wonder what on earth happened. Of course he's my brother he would not on purpose do this, but perhaps he had something toxic on his hands I don't know. Because of this we had to do a major cleaning. Now sadly the deaths were mostly my little loaches.... they were around 6 years old so I was really upset xx I do have survivors luckily....  Anyways of course our fish tank from which the water is fully changed and recovering looks as good as dead. Because of this my mom wants to get different fish when the water is fine. Now I told my mom that this time we would visit the store and I would write down the names of the fishes to do research at home...why ? Because it happened more than once that they gave my mom a fish that they called peaceful that turned out Semi-aggressive. 

So this time I wrote down all the names since I wanna make sure my mom gets peaceful fish this time. Upon studying fish by fish online, I came to one cruel conclusion .... many of the fish in the store are labeled as peaceful while they are in fact Semi-aggressive or aggressive. It seriously bothered me .... And talking to the one in charge I knew more fish names than she which made me realize that the people working in such stores are seriously lacking information about the animal xx Now i'm not gonna say my country is the worst I have heard even worse stories from stores like petco in America I believe. 

But now recently I have visited a few reptile stores, and I was buying some stuff for a future animal i'm going to get... upon talking to the people working in the stores, it became very clear that the opinions range SOOO bloody far from one another xx

In one store, they claimed leopard gecko's do not get heat from their belly and that a heat mat was bad and should not be used, this very same store said they bask in sunlight... I know leopard gecko's are crepuscular and so they will still be out at times the sun could be visible. BUT they are sunning like some other reptiles do. In the other store I thought it would go into a better direction since he suggested a heat mat but then looking at the Terrarium of their leopard gecko the substrate used was ....SAND .... many know it's not good for em xx Other than that the tank was so bright I think I would cry my eyes out xx And again they refer to these animals as desert creatures as in living in the wide plains of sand and no vegetation while their natural habitat is a tad more rocky and has vegetation xx Other than that when I told him that I wanted this or that as a suggestion of my breeder for the reptile, he called breeders bad and said they didn't know what they were doing xD Because we can TOTALLY verify were they get their reptiles from right ?

I'm probably not the only one who had bad experience with pet shops? 

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