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Animated Pixel
-Available animations : Tail wag, Eye blink, bounce, glow effect,...
-Either request which animations you want or type "All in", this stands for: Tail wag, bounce, eye blink.
-Sleeping wolf only comes with the breathing animation and the ear twitch.
-more examples :…
-Extra animations cost more!

-Extremely detailed pixels cost 800 points, and Big pixels cost 1000 points.

Ghost pups - Metal specie (open)

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 10, 2018, 1:47 AM

READ the "Metal info BOX"!!! 
Alright, metal wolves up next! Sadly i'm only looking for a few metal wolves! As some specie comes with more than others. But read everything, a rule about the charms is also there. 

Your fan character in AzureHowl
In Short, originally I was going to design every ghost pup (survivors of the Dark cities) on my own. Realizing it would be more fun to involve you guys I decided to start these journals were people could submit an entry. This way the survivors will feel even more alive due to your personal touch on the character.

Next specie : Metal
Metal wolf species - AzureHowl by AzureHowlShilach

Metal survivors info box
Well known as healers, the metal wolves had the possibility to help wolves that lost limbs or pieces of their body. Other than that they were mostly known as Assassins due to their deadly power. As they used metal and could shift it into anything they desired to pierce through enemies or kill from a distance. The metal wolves of the Dark Cities used to live on their own territory within the Metal forest. But when the Shadow Clans attacked, everything changed. The Shadow clans had send their magma group upon the metal wolves to which they were nothing but easy targets. During these attacks the outside borders of the metal forest got destroyed leaving unique and treasured trees to die. After the attacks, metal wolves alone in this forest were still targets even if they had no connections to the dark cities. Not many of the Dark city metal wolves survived. Those who eventually got freed by the other survivors were left with other problems. They no longer had the metal they once so comfortably played around with. And getting metal was extremely dangerous. Due to the surviving trees being only in the center of the metal forest which is controlled by a metal pack. Sadly due to all the assaults they had to deal with, they refused to give any of it. Because of this most survivors of the metal wolves feel helpless not having any weapon as they need metal to properly fight. Only a few have an item which is not a charm but instead made out of metal. These items have basic shapes since they use this to fight with, so usually they wear em as bracelets. Even so some have split their metal into earnings to give other survivors a tiny bit of metal too. Within the pack they are extremely caring and gentle, even though many have interests to be torturer. They are gently because they depend a lot on the other wolves for safety due to the lack of metal they have.

Your fan character
-Is official
-Can appear on the background, or speak
-Will be credited to you
-is mine to use, I can alter the description or change details in the story to make the character fit in. I can also change symbolized wolves to non symbolized would I need more non symbolized wolves. By entering you give me this right. 
-I can alter the appearance if needed
-I can alter ages/ sexual orientations if needed
(the last two only count if either you got a certain marking wrong, or if there are to many different orientations) 

The Amount of wolves...
I am looking for a total of 5 metal wolves. (2 already exist which are 2 females ) They are with more females than males. 

-2 symbolized
-3 normal (balance between scarred and non scarred)
-one group leader(male,  symbolized)
-one commander (female, symbolized ) 
-I will be picking  2 females and 3 males)

-Line-art can be used (credit it)
-eye colors: always blue 
-mutated eye colors: shades of purple,purple/blue ish
-symbolized colors: White, blue and gray
-Story has to fit, I will alter if not
-I need a name, background info etc..
-If you give a small backstory I can alter and add more info the the character.
-The ages possible for this specie range from 15-19
-Wolves and  trinkets, read before you give them this =>…
(can be found on the bottom of this page)
-Keep charms one or two tones preferably, I will change it if needed.
-Scars are allowed
-Read info on metal wolves  =>…
-I can change parts in your story to make it fit with possible siblings. 

-You can add names, sexual orientation etc. But as for naming family members, the site will not mention these, it will state "Family:Unknown". They would only appear on the site if they would be mentioned.
-It's not first come first serve, I will pick between the entries for this journal
-Just because you entered does not mean your character will be picked. 
-No color mutation unless I mention it.
-Brief background information, take a look at the site and then you'll have a slight idea of how long the descriptions can only be. (plz pay attention to this)
-I can alter the background, I can add past events... or choose them for a role that was supposed to happen within the pack. For example "Ice wolf Hayden" had information on how Ice pups were killed by the Shadow Clans. This is extra info I add in.
-Naming characters, no names like Bob, Jessica etc... keep the names special, use google translate and experiment with words (AzureHowl has many Japanese inspired names). Do try to mix and don't just type "word" translated to Japanese, and use the exact word google translate gives you. I noticed in previous entries some people had really similar names. try to make em more unique. 
-You can make a max of 2 entries 
-Usually I will only pick one of your entries! 

"Post your character here!"
don't just post it randomly post it to this journal so I can see it, don't be sad would I not pick your character!

"Naming rule"
Probably SUPER important, special names are required as the majority of wolves in AzureHowl have these, such as : Ruuza, Kaitou, Kareny, Takaya, Nihar, ....
So I do not want to see names like :Jack, Bobby, Oliver, charlotte, victoria, Samantha, Jacob, ....

-Do not name your character's sibling, this way I might make the wolf in question related to another wolf.
-Your wolf can be an offspring of special ranks such: leader, commander, general, etc....(unless it's mentioned they cannot have the rank above)
-If the specie in question has the possibility for different colors for the markings, then please use these. Many tend to stick to the colors they already have naturally. This only counts for symbolized wolves. Check out this chart =>
  AzureHowl species chart by AzureHowlShilach
Even when NOT symbolized they can inherit a color mutated eye color. 
-I recommend reading this…
-Info Dark cities:…
-You can add desired rank in profile, but the focus is more on ranks they needs, like pack watchers, hunt wolves etc... ranks like assassin are currently not added because these wolves do not practice is as a profession due to their current situation. 
-When making a symbolized wolf, chances are if you add tons of dots or stripes which in general is a pain to animate, that I won't pick your character due to it's appearance. You'll notice my own symbolized wolves will rarely have to many markings. Avoid extremely complicated designs!  As much as I love some designs do keep in mind I will judge it with the thought of having to animate it, adding a marking with to much complexity might lower the chances of success. 

"Ghost pup pack structure"
In short, (long can be found in previous journals)
Kane is one of the 6 "main" leaders of the pack, underneath these leaders are the "group leaders" , they are usually leading their respected specie within the pack. They lead for the 6 main leaders, and keep an eye on their small pack to take away some of the stress of the main leaders. Underneath the group leaders are the commanders. The commanders are chosen by the group leaders, they help and aid the group leaders by keeping an eye on the small group. By having this system it allows the 6 main leaders to have a better overview on their pack. Meaning that they can quickly act if problems rise or if an individual in the pack has serious problems. 

"Say the magic word to qualify"
"Metal pie"


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